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Our Covid-19 Response

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, the web is now undergoing a revolution where a majority of the global workforce shifts its operations and businesses online. At Simplehost, we’re doing our part by ensuring the safety of our employees, partners and clients, elevating our community efforts and providing technical assistance and consultation for parties still in their digital transition.

How we are helping

Bringing businesses online
By working together, alongside our partners in the moveonlinefund campaign, we are dedicated to helping businesses in their digital transition to having a telecommuting workforce and a digital marketplace.

Providing free web hosting
In these trying times as we stay apart from each other, it is when we come together that matters. Simplehost will provide free web hosting to businesses making their first foray into the digital world in the moveonlinefund campaign.

Providing digital solutions consultation
Businesses with existing digital presence are not left behind. Leveraging on years of industry experience, we are keen to help optimize any existing digital platforms that may be aged or no longer viable.

Greatly reduced price for critical social projects
Share with us your project and how it is important to society. We are in this together.

Providing secure and free video-conference